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Hello guys! Welcome to the website! I am Rikuya Yamamoto, working as an English translator and founder of Joy Japanese, a lifestyle and retail store based in Osaka, Japan. We aim to let you enjoy Japanese, its language, tradition, and culture. Our main purpose is to let you enjoy your lifestyle more through these items. Fun learning while wearing!

It all started back in 2017 when I started immersing myself to English conversation with foreigners, I found myself quite motivated with English, they were very interested in Japanese which I was immensely delighted. At that same time, I found a lot of ‘’weird’’ Japanese apparel in English-speaking countries. I was shocked but in a good way and bought myself one. But my concern was the clothes itself, it fits me but the shirt does not interpret what is in it. I felt like the words in it were senseless, please do not get me wrong, it felt like wearing a blank canvas to me. 

It was not a big thing at all yet as time goes by, my concern became an inspiration, I had a concept in my head inspired by the Western’s interests in Japanese and me finding my style.It is conceptualized for a light and comfortable shirts, not only that but also learning Japanese through this everyday wear. 

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Fast forward to now,

I bravely opened an online apparel shop. My experience is zero to none. But I am passionate about sharing the fun, humor, and to gratify your passion with Japanese. Join me on this journey which I am very anxious about but more than willing to accept everyone’s ideas. If possible, I want my design to be a part of people’s everyday life and for it to become one of their instruments as they learn more about Japanese. 

Overall, Joy Japanese is a platform for Japanese culture and everything about it. I absolutely love to help you all to learn the Japanese language while enjoying it. You do not want to miss our Instagram, Blogs, and our Facebook page. It will surely help you too! If Japanese gives you JOY, our JOY is to share with you Japanese. Please feel free to send us questions through this website or in any of our Instagram, Facebook and email. Either in English or Japanese.

May I inspire you as much as you inspired me. I truly hope that when you wear these tees, it impacts you as much it impacted me. Arigatogozaimasu.