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5 Japanese Clothing Online Shops That Will Become Your Next Fav Brand

by YamamotoRikuya on January 26, 2020

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These days, Japanese shirts are on trend everywhere. Perhaps one of your friends is wearing a Superdry shirt. But just like this brand, there are also other brands that can offer so much more for you.

Check these 5 online stores out and find your next favorite brand! 

5 Japanese Clothing Online Shops That Will Impress You 



This very cute anime character in pink is called Imouri-chan. Its clothing designs are all authentic and anime-inspired. They promote anime community which resonates highly integrated designs, and features eye-catching designs. It’s amazing to see how the brand collides anime and reality. They make ways to involve the fans such as getting a brand ambassador and an active interaction on Instagram.





Yayukata’s designs are a mix of latest street fashion and traditional Japanese designs which leaves a strong impact from their original design accentuating Japanese characters. On Instagram, they showcase high-quality photos from the brand’s design, it’s quite captivating while watching. Indeed a high-quality brand bringing a high-quality design.

3.Moshi Moshi

Unlike other brands having a strong impression of Japanese clothing, Moshi Moshi, with its cute sound, emphasizes retro Japanese design, showcasing old characters and items that are lost in modern Tokyo which are definitely irresistible for Japanese lovers. They do not only offer anime, but also pleases your other taste with designs put into shirt like foods (ramen…), cars and popular products or souvenirs from Japan.

4.Tokyo Goods

Tokyo Goods is just as good as its brand name, minimalists would be delighted than ever from their minimalist-designs fusioned with anime and Japanese pop culture. Their clothings will surely light up the wearer’s day. Yuyu Hakusho’s anime design are well-known. Each item blends pop and simplicity aesthetically. Buyer’s posts are featured on their Instagram account, leaving a great and happy experience for everyone.

5.Joy Japanese

Joy Japanese, giving you not just JOY, but also expanding your Japanese comprehension. Inspired by Westernized Japanese shirt, diligently designed for Japanese learners like you! Producing designs that show Japanese common phrases, basic expressions, and we do designs according to your job, It expresses a different impression compared to the other brands mentioned. Tees which will make your Japanese learning on ease. In all honesty, I am the creator of this brand, it is to be born. So please take a look what we can offer. We are also educating Japanese through Instagram and Facebook. We are working hard to make Japanese easier for all.


It is nice to buy a shirt out of uniqueness, and its details. Yet, I think it is worthy enough to spend your penny while you checked its story. I swear wearing that tee will truly give you so